The Bathroom Gallery


September 19th - 22nd 2019
HALL 11 - Area 6 - 7

Two souls who live within us, two ways of living, two lifestyles that sometimes attract each other and sometimes are opposed but which are essential.
Urban & Nature become Vision through the creativity of Marco Poletti, Designer and Architect with an Italian DNA. Two worlds at the antipodes and at the same time complement each other the trend of the moment.
Urban presents itself with vibrant colors and strong contrasts. Cold tones that, lit by points of light of color, return a typically metropolitan fairy tale.
Nature comes to life and breathes in a space where materials and colors warm up the space and regenerate it with emotional colors.

Two Vision that arise from the idea and the need to investigate the relationship between human beings and their habitat and which only together create a dynamic balance and today's trend.

Area 6
Urban: AeT Italia, Diesel Living with Berti, Gedy, Linki.

Area 7
Nature: Berti, Graffio, Lineabeta, Materica.




September 23rd - 27th 2019
Hall 21 – Stand A91 B102

Interpreting surfaces, materials, spaces and volumes through creative ideas that take shape and give life to emotional impacts. All this is the project presented by Marco Poletti at Cersaie where the world of industrial design merges with the more sartorial one of the interior in a dynamic balance. This is the key to reading, in these two worlds that in an inseparable way interpret continuous change, becoming Vision and trend.
Nine stylistic proposals and nine previews, one for each participating company, which from the outside introduce the topics presented in a more complete way in the exhibition area of ​​which Marco Poletti, designer and at the same time architect from the Italian DNA, is the interpreter.

Aziende partecipanti: Biopietra, Enrico Palmucci, Giulini, Lithos Mosaico Italia, Materica, Metalborder, Parital Group, Pixie, Seresi.

Sky Italia Economia intervista Cersaie 2019 Grazie a Sky Italia Economia per l'intervista dedicata al progetto "MARCO POLETTI - My VISION, My DNA: Designer & Architect" al Cersaie 2019.
Thanks to Sky Italia Economia for the interview dedicated to the "MARCO POLETTI - My VISION, My ...
Marco Poletti London Design Fair 2019 Urban&Nature vision alla London Design Fair 2019 attraverso la creatività di Marco Poletti, Designer e Architetto dal DNA italiano. Due mondi agli antipodi e complementari al tempo stesso racchiudono in loro la tendenza del momento.
Guarda il video per rivivere ...
'DNA Network' Salone del Mobile 2018 Grazie alle aziende partecipanti e a tutti coloro che hanno contribuito al successo del progetto DNA Network all’insegna del Made in Italy durante l’edizione 2018 del Salone del Mobile.
Thanks to the companies and everyone that has contributed to the ...
Intervista Marco Poletti a Pole Position Un grazie al canale Business24 per avermi ospitato durante la trasmissione Pole Position andata in onda ieri sera.
MARCO POLETTI CLUSTER - CERSAIE 2016 “Con la MARCO POLETTI CLUSTER ho voluto reinterpretare la fiera; ho voluto dare vita ad una nuova idea creativa attraverso un’esperienza unica: una connessione totale, sia nella dimensione reale, virtuale che sensoriale. L’obbiettivo è stato quello di darsi una nuova ...

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